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real estate investment software

Investment Property Analysis Software

Real Estate Genius is a free investment property calculator which predicts if your investment will be profitable... in just minutes!
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• Real Estate investment software
Web-based. No downloads or installs.
Do-it-yourself financial projections

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Smarter Real Estate Investing...
Are you serious about making money investing in real estate? Real Estate Genius investment software will save you time and help you make decisions by computing sophisticated financial metrics for your deals.

Don't base your deal solely on a gut-feeling, or on napkin calculations and excel spreadsheets. In just minutes, Real Estate Genius builds a complete financial model of your deal, and gives you the projections you need.

The smartest move you'll make in real estate starts right now!

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You'll Get...
Instant analysis. Plug in your numbers, get instant results.

Multiple Scenarios. Run best/worst case scenarios to explore risk and profit potential.

Save Your Results. Store your deals for future reference.
Financial Statements. Cash flow analyzer, income statement and balance sheet.

Metrics. Instantly compute net present value and more.